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Titanium grinding machines - special patent

Titanium grinding machines - special patent







Titanium grinding machines, also known as: titanium dioxide rotor mill, titanium dioxide colloid mill, Titanium colloidal mill, titanium dioxide carbon black colloid mill rotor grinding machine, titanium dioxide colloid pump (grinding pump) Titanium Mill, pipeline multifunction grinder won the national utility patent number, the application of the invention (2011 annual special innovative technology for technology development projects awards), titanium dioxide feed pump rotor mill, vertical and horizontal colloid mill, grinding pipeline pumps, grinding and dispersing pump. grinding pump number patented product, titanium dioxide in Hangzhou, Guangxi, titanium dioxide, Nanjing, titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, Sichuan, Chongqing, titanium dioxide, Panzhihua titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, Guangdong, Shandong, titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, Jiangsu, DuPont titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide and other pharmaceutical grade titanium dioxide, food grade titanium dioxide and nano-titanium dioxide hybrid desalination grinding and dispersion preparation process flow process (process technological transformation of titanium dioxide, according to the specific requirements of your company, our company can provide more detailed process for reference):

    In recent years China's pharmaceutical grade, food grade, high-grade titanium dioxide and silica, dyes, pigments, matting agents intermediates manufacturing exports gradually step into foreign line of cases, especially in countries strictly control policy, from energy saving row of the situation, the titanium dioxide plant out of the acid reaction using the desalination chlorinated efficient grinding dispersion method to prepare high-grade titanium dioxide, Wenzhou Hao Xing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In this context, investment in technological forces to dare to leading reform and innovation, hard-breaking research, has won 20 national patent certificate and independent intellectual property rights of a number of patents in the application, science and technology project approval and patent licensing award-winning honor our technical department for development of scientific and technological innovation super Hard Titanium mill titanium dioxide grinding machine, the silica colloid mill, grinding pump rotor mill, vertical and horizontal colloid mill, the pipelined grinding pumps, grinding and dispersing pump. grinding pump titanium dioxide carbon black processing complete sets of equipment, including large ultra-high speed grinding machines and special high carbide steel mill body - Jin Gangyu infiltration WC wear-resistant, wear-resistant corundum infiltration WC head, wear grinding head the corundum infiltration WC, the infiltration WC wear plate James Bond Wear grinding, hardness multi-function grinding machine for the HL800 wear plate - Titanium grinding machines (silica colloid mill), titanium dioxide colloid pump the (grinding pump), a leading domestic and international technical level flush-cooled mechanical seal (have been practical Novel 2, another invention patent application), in the case of no material dry transfer will not damage the dynamic sealing properties and mechanical properties, continuous operation, low maintenance, the friction power is small, grinding, dispersing fineness, Titanium Mill titanium mill models (titanium dioxide feed pump rotor mill, vertical and horizontal colloid mill, grinding pump pipeline, grinding and dispersing pump. the the grinding pump) HSJTM-W250Ac-2; HSJTM-W250AD-2.; HSJTM-W320Ac-2 other special models is currently the lead instead of imported grinding machine or sanding machines and applied to titanium slag preparation of food grade, pharmaceutical grade high-grade titanium dioxide - Titanium Dioxide (active titanium dioxide) on the preparation process, the production efficiency is similar to the above several times, reduce roll grinding and sanding process runs burden significantly reduce production costs, and uniform particles, cleaning easy color change, no grinding impurities.

    The products are mainly used for fineness demanding, difficult ground, beating, extinction, capsule, dispersed slurry material or suspension, completely replace the imported three-roll machine, heterogeneous machines and other equipment, titanium dioxide manufacturing use: Cheng-yu carbon black, Hisoar Plastic Industry, Rubber Group special new materials, AUO Group, the CPC Chongqing Branch, Haopu simexco, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Chongqing Titanium, Dong Jia Group, Gimpo Group, Nanjing Titanium white titanium dioxide carbon black manufacturers used by leading enterprises, and praised by users.

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