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Construction of the pump

Construction of the pump

Hao Star GS-type single-screw mainly by: the input drive shaft, bearing, shaft seal parts, propeller shaft, the suction chamber, the pressure of the chamber, rotor, stator and other major parts. Its compact structure, fewer parts, small size, easy maintenance, the pump rotor and stator are wearing parts, simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly.

Hao Star GS-type single screw pump structure a
1, a gate two, wear bars 3, the rotor 4, the stator 5, tight hoop 6, pin 7, the sealing sleeve 8, the intermediate shaft
9, the suction member 10, mechanical seal seat 11, bearing 12, a mechanical seal 13, drive shaft 14, skeleton 15, bearing
16, the bearings 17, seals 18, coupling 19, base 20, a motor

Hao Star GS-type single-screw structure two

GS-type single screw pump drive     

1, the discharge port for poles 2, a rotor 3, a stator 4, the sealing cap 5, the intermediate shaft 6, the feed inlet 7, the mechanical seals 8, bearing