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Colloid pump - Rotor Pump Accessories - Pump

Colloid pump - Rotor Pump Accessories - Pump

Pump, rotor pump, clover rotor wing rotor, rotor sole, universal conveyor rotor - rotor pump - colloid pump accessories, colloid pump features:

Thick type colloid pump
Colloid pump is a high viscosity material pump, a positive displacement pump that can pump universal transport medium, low speed, high output torque, high temperature characteristics of the rotor pump high viscosity, high-temperature materials in the field of to show their talents. Its unique works in conjunction with a strong drive system. Rotor pump to ensure the output in the low speed driving torque strong, can guarantee continuous, without stagnation transported material, and can ensure that the material during transport will not damage the material properties, this pump can transport a medium Viscosity up 1000000CP.

Thin type colloid pump

Clover type rotor pump can be thin colloid medium pump, particularly thin the conveying medium, especially without the required thin pulse is output medium, also show relatively large performance advantage. Rotor pump is equipped with a drive system in the transmission medium viscosity decreased, the amount of leakage increases, can operate at higher speeds. And to ensure a constant output flow.

Sanitary colloid pump:
All pump parts in contact with the material are meet the health standards of stainless steel, polished both inside and outside the pump, able to meet all of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries where hygiene and the use of corrosion-resistant.

Colloid pump accessories:

Colloid pump consists of pump body, motor, pump cover, spindle, Cong shafts, bearings, bearing, bearing covers, bearing cover, pump, oil seals, rotors, O-rings, mechanical seals, fight to take, bolts, oblique parts and accessories gear and other major components.

Universal type with single mechanical seal, it can also provide a water rinse function of the mechanical sealing structure to prevent the transmission of high viscosity materials condense the material occurs during the end face of the mechanical seal and affect normal operation of the situation, and can to ensure the mechanical seal life in a hostile environment.

Almost no wearing parts:
Colloid pump (rotor pump) at work, there are no parts to wear (except mechanical seals), all parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, a pair of rotor synchronous operation at work, each other to maintain a certain gap, does not produce any touch, there will in theory any wear, rotor pump capable of temperatures up to 220 degrees of the various environments.